Indy PopCon - Comic Convention Website and Branding

Posted August 31st, 2013

Indy PopCon - Indiana Comic Convention Indy PopCon , an Indiana Comic Convention coming in May of 2014, presented a unique challenge for our design and development team.  The website had to feel inviting and fun, yet avoid looking too cheesy and cartoony.  The website needed to be professional and unique, but had to avoid being corporate.  Oh, and by the way, make sure it's mobile friendly!

Thankfully, our team features more than a few with a thirst for gaming, comics, and pop culture, so we knew the audience we wanted to attract.  We also wanted to be thorough and not leave anybody out.  Thus, the Choose Your Character panel was born.

Drawing on pop art inspiration, colorful panels were created that represented each of nine genres chosen by the PopCon team.  Each panel would link to an interior page with additional information, and each panel would ultimately represent the sort of person who might be inticed to click on it.  

After a successful product and brand launch, PopCon gathered over 1,400 fans across their various social networks in under a week's time.  And they're just getting started!

Indy PopCon - Pop Culture and Comic Convention

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