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Email marketing, when done well, is one of the most effective ways to reach your clients. However, email marketing done wrong is actually illegal. Ever since the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, there are a number of regulations on how you can send emails to your clients without being considered a spammer. Chances are if you haven't heard of the CAN-SPAM Act and you're sending out emails on your own, you're likely not in compliance.

NetStuffers provides email marketing services through, a reputable company that focuses on compliance and compatibility for all email campaigns. Using NetStuffers and MailChimp, you can be assured that your campaigns are in compliance and your users are receiving the best email campaigns possible.

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MailChimp Expert Services

Official Mailchimp Expert

NetStuffers is proud to have been a certified MailChimp Expert since the inception of the program and has served dozens of MailChimp customers all around the world. From template design services to API integration, NetStuffers can help you create, send, and manage effective email campaigns.

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    NetStuffers is proud to have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years for everything from website development to social media marketing!

    • Detour Grille
    • Hot Box Pizza
    • Hoosier Park Racing and Casino
    • American Teleservices Association
    • Anheuser Busch
    • Applebee's