Search Engine Optimization with Fineline Printing Group

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Fineline Printing Group is a successful Indianapolis printer that has been in business for over 26 years and sees over $15 million in revenue annually. Fineline is within the top 5% of the largest printers in the United States and they are experts when it comes to print. When it comes to internet marketing, however, they were behind.

While it may seem contradictory for a printer to use the internet for its promotions, Fineline could not ignore the growing demand for a functional, well-designed website that could attract new clients and allow them to easily begin the ordering process. So after a website redesign and launch, Fineline was officially on the net and ready for business to pour in.

Fineline was new to the online game, however, so many other printers who had established websites appeared well above Fineline in search rankings. While the website was useful for existing clients, it was not attract any new business through search engine hits. Not wanted to spend money on internet advertising, Fineline instead utilized search engine marketing.

Fineline identified key terms that were unique to their business but were in demand by users searching for printers. As a minority-owned business and a green printer, Fineline targeted those terms to ensure that any users trying to find minority or eco-friendly printers quickly came to Fineline's website. Today, Fineline is within the top 5 search results for many different terms related to Indianapolis printing and MBE certification, and they never paid for a single click.

Results at a glance

Orange Plus Top of the search results for terms such as "Indianapolis Green printer", "minority owned printer", and "MBE certified printer"

Orange Plus Total visits from search engines increased 155% from Google and 100% from Yahoo in the period after SEO took effect.

Orange Plus Fineline receives multiple inquiries every week from customers inquiring about services and prices