Getting Bill Hurst Up to Speed

Posted June 8th, 2011


After leaving his previous firm, William ‘Bill’ Hurst faced a dilemma.  All of his branding and name recognition had been based upon his previous firms website, and he none of his own.  When people Googled for Bill Hurst, they often found his previous firm and found no data about where Bill had gone.  Recognizing that he needed to build an internet presence from scratch, he contacted the team at NetStuffers to get him up and running.

NetStuffers started with the basics by designing a new website for Bill’s new firm and installing it on the NetNinja Content Management platform.  Armed with the ability to make his own changes to the site, Bill was able to rewrite the content on each page to make sure it fit his new image and voice.  The NetNinja platform also took care of much of his SEO work for him by creating dynamic URLs and populating his meta tags with key terms he needed to be found.

Following the successful launch of his website and a basic SEO campaign that focused on targeting local keywords, Bill Hurst now has an internet presence that he can be proud of and finally call his own.

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    • Detour Grille
    • Hot Box Pizza
    • Hoosier Park Racing and Casino
    • American Teleservices Association
    • Anheuser Busch
    • Applebee's